Lyme Disease

The founder of Tick Tock Naturals® is Dr. Susan Eisen, a holistic chiropractor and recent contributing author in the Andrew Weil Medicine Library Series who is in private practice in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Eisen started the company after being bitten by a tick in the middle of winter and developing acute Lyme Disease. After diagnosis and treatment, she was left with a strong phobia of walking in the grass. (Who would imagine that you could be bitten by a tick when there was snow on the ground?) With an education in biochemistry, Dr. Eisen developed a natural, effective formula based on organic essential oils. After a chance meeting with Ally Hilfiger, Dr. Eisen moved forward with her plan to launch this product.

Dr. Eisen is a sitting board member of Sam’s Spoons Lyme Foundation started by the former national ambassador for Project Lyme, journalist Carrie Perry and is also a past member of the Benefit Committee for Global Lyme Alliance. Tick Tock Naturals is recognized and affliliated by the top Lyme Foundations across the United States.

A recent peer reviewed study published in October 2017 by leading medical researcher, Dr. Ying Zhang et al by Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School on Selective Essential Oils has now proven that the essential oils used in Tick Tock Naturals are the most effective in repelling ticks, mosquitos, spiders and fleas.

Integrative Wellness

with Dr. Susan Eisen


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