Nutrition and Wellness

What does wellness mean to you? Some people think a yearly visit to the doctor for an exam with blood work is a wellness check or having a stress test is wellness when it is actually a measure of your wellness or unwellness. Preventative and Integrative Wellness is a lifestyle. It is the complete measure of your healthy lifestyle from the food you eat to the vitamins and supplements you take to sustain homeostasis. An integrative wellness check takes your entire lifestyle and blood work into consideration.

In my practice, we have treated patients who were unhealthy not only because they were in pain which brought them into the office, but because their blood pressure or A1C levels were out of control. Each patient who treats in our office gets a full assessment of what their needs are. We then advise you of the best diet and targeted supplements to help you heal and return to normal optimal function.

I can help guide you through the pandemic or long-haul syndrome or help you to lose weight safely without toxic dieting by correcting your metabolic syndrome with functional medicine. I also work with Lyme disease and co-infections with excellent results. I have been putting together excellent protocols for years for a variety of different conditions to help patients. I work with a small variety of potent clean organic supplements that have the best quality assurance and contain no fillers or allergens. I curated a loose leaf organic immune boosting tea which is an important part of wellness for all patients. I offer protocol consultation, and 80% of the fee can be applied to food and supplement.