OMG! This is the best chiropractic adjustment I've had in my entire life!
Chris Balogh
Production Manager, Live Nation/Former Tour Manager, Rolling Stones
I walked out of your office feeling like a million bucks! Your technique is wonderful
Bob Garcia
VP Entertainment Finance, Madison Square Garden
Dr. Sue got me into shape...She is truly a genius!
Roger Johnson
Band Member, Moby
With my crazy schedule, it is hard to find an office and a doctor who understand my special needs. These needs are met here.
Dave Chappelle
Dr. Susan Eisen takes a unique approach to the treatment of migraines. Through years of experience, she has developed a unique treatment that combines holistic therapy along with chiropractic principles. The result is a treatment that has relieved me from the pain of my bi-monthly migraines headaches, but has also allowed me to escape the fear of another random episode.
Lisa Mercurio
Entertainment Executive, New York City
Amongst the hustle and bustle of my busy life, I find true peace of mind in the hands of Dr. Sue Eisen.
Mandie Erickson
President, Seventh House PR / The Fashionista Diaries
Having an innate distrust of doctors, all I can say is, Dr. Sue has restored my faith. Not only has she treated my serious back/neck disorder, but she also appealed to my sense of normalcy. No white coats and stuffy insincerity is to be found within her office. Dr. Eisen makes the whole trip through corrective chiropractics fun, relaxing, and most importantly - effective.
Jacque Lynn Schiller
Author and Screenwriter