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Nutrition and Wellness

What does wellness mean to you? Some people think a yearly visit to the doctor for an exam with blood work is a wellness check or having a stress test is wellness when it is actually a measure of your wellness or unwellness.


About Dr. Eisen

SUSAN EISEN practices functional natural medicine also described as root cause medicine. She is a Lyme literate holistic chiropractor and deeply involved with changing policies for Lyme patients in the United States.

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Lyme Infections

Dr. Susan Eisen is the founder of Tick Tock Naturals®, an organic mosquito and tick repellent. She started the company after being bitten by a tick in the middle of winter and developing acute neurological Lyme Disease.



Now you can access all of Dr. Eisen’s expert protocols for the best outcomes to address your wellness concerns.


Thank you, Dr. Sue Eisen, for everything you sent me. The pills and tea really made me bounce back these past two weeks. This was no joke and I wasn’t in the best form. Your remedies and science guidance you sent me made all the difference. Honestly, I did not think I was going post negative because I still had 2 strains out of 3 in my body. I wasn’t taking anything prior to you. You’re an amazing doctor and healer who thinks outside the box.
Lisa B.
Telemedicine Patient, Florida
I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Eisen! She really listened to my concerns and she got me back on track. I was given her info for help with my post-COVID symptoms. It was beyond frustrating to go to so many doctors and specialists who basically did nothing to help. She genuinely cares about my progress and that has meant so much. I highly recommend her for anyone else dealing with long-COVID-type symptoms, or if you just feel you aren’t functioning optimally, with allergies, or other issues. Thanks for everything, Dr. Sue!
Rhyan Sinclair
Recording Artist
With my crazy schedule, it is hard to find an office and a doctor who understands my special needs. These needs are met here.
Dave Chappelle
After years of suffering from back and shoulder pain without finding relief, Dr. Eisen was able to zero in on my alignment issues immediately and provide a comprehensive plan for my recovery. Her zen approach put me at ease, and through a series of STIM treatments, acupressure, and gentle chiropractic adjustments on her hydraulic table, I not only got immediate relief , but she was able to set me on a path for my future health and wellness.
Nina Ashe
Actress, Choreographer
OMG! This is the best chiropractic adjustment I've had in my entire life!
Chris Balogh
Production Manager, Live Nation/Former Tour Manager, Rolling Stones
I’m so grateful for Dr. Eisen. She cares deeply about my health and well being, as she does for all her patients. After 8 years of seeing several doctors, spending so much money to figure out what was wrong with me, she was the only doctor that diagnosed me correctly. She really listens to her patients. Dr. Eisen knew right away what I had…LYME Disease and she was right. If it wasn’t for Dr. Eisen, I would have not known where to get an “accurate” Lyme Disease test that sure enough came back positive even when other doctors I’ve been to ruled it out b/c of inaccurate blood test results. Dr. Eisen has proven to be the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever met.
Jane B.
I walked out of your office feeling like a million bucks! Your technique is wonderful.
Bob Garcia
VP Entertainment Finance, Madison Square Garden
I finally got in for my yearly physical with my PCP after being delayed by the pandemic and my doctor said "Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!" Since going on your wellness protocol, I have lost 50 lbs and my blood pressure, cholesterol and A1C are all now within the normal range. Thank you, Dr. Eisen!
Marie S.
Patient, New York City
Dr. Sue got me into shape...She is truly a genius!
Roger Johnson
Producer, Moby
Under your guidance, I have found that the root cause of my illness was due to dangerous mold and undiagnosed parasites. After your treatments, I was relieved from the severe pain with your specialized holistic chiropractic treatments and your wellness program. I cannot be more thankful for all of your help to get me back on track.
Cygalle Dias
Patient, New York City
Dr. Susan Eisen takes a unique approach to the treatment of migraines. Through years of experience, she has developed a unique treatment that combines holistic therapy along with chiropractic principles. The result is a treatment that has relieved me from the pain of my bi-monthly migraines headaches, but has also allowed me to escape the fear of another random episode.
Lisa Mercurio
Entertainment Executive, New York City


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Did you know that 80% of the US population will suffer with back pain? Chiropractic is a drug-free, painless approach to a healthful lifestyle. Please take a few minutes to browse our site and we look forward to seeing you in the office soon…

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